Ferry Meadows Miniature Railway
Ferry Meadows Country Park - Peterborough - 17th June 2018

Hearing of a new-build locomotive I paid a return visit to this 10.25″ inch gauge line.

This brand new steam locomotive, a half size Darjeeling B Class was built by Laurence Hall of Peterborough,
 arrived at the railway in November 2012.
I believe that this is Mr Hall driving.

It is seen here at Ham Lane being turned on the turntable by the driver.

A round or two of coal is added to the firebox before departing from Ham Lane station.

The locomotive being turned at the other end of the line ready for return to Ham Lane.

Running round its train. The park here is very popular with families - many taking advantage of the fixed barbeques.

The stock being coupled up to the locomotive. A very fine steam locomotive!