Louth station area in the 1970s

The passenger services were withdrawn from the East Lincolnshire line in 1970 and the line south of Louth was closed.
A single line was retained from Grimsby to Louth for another 10 years largely to service the ABM maltkin.
The station and other railway buildings on site began to deteriorate. Luckily Louth station building survives today as smart housing.
However the rest of the buildings, with the exception of Louth North signalbox, have all gone. The malt kiln site is now an Aldi supermarket.

This superb collection of photographs is © Keith Robson who very kindly sent them to me from Canada.

Louth goods shed seen from the north with ABM malt kiln behind.

Store end on to Keddington Rd near Louth North signal box.

Similar building adjacent to cattle dock.

Loco dept crew facilities.

Louth goods shed viewed from south. Keddington Rd crossing in view.

A second view of goods shed from south.

The entrance to Louth station seen from goods yard.

The stationmasters house, on north end of station, seen from goods yard.

The weighbridge in goods yard seen from north west.

The weighbridge seen from south west with station in background.

Warehouse seen from north. The houses are in Ramsgate.

The warehouse seen from north east, with the houses on Newbridge Hill in backgound.

The goods shed seen from south west with grain hopper wagons liveried as Haig Whisky.

The malt kiln silo unloading bay.

The goods yard gatehouse on Newbridge Hill opposite the Lin Pac factory.

Warehouse from east.

Shunter/PW stores seen from south, with Louth North signal box and crossing in view.

The north east end of goods shed.